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What if It's...

What if It’s…

It all started with a magazine article from a beauty magazine. The article was discussing the importance of sunscreen and how to check moles on your body to determine if they are abnormal and needed to be checked for skin cancer. Reading the article I almost immediately became anxious. I started to scrutinize every mole on my body, and eventually I found two moles that I convinced myself were skin cancer. Basically I did what every anxious person is told NOT to do. I started to overthink, over read, and over research everything about melanoma on the internet. Continue Reading

I'm Taking Back My Life

I’m Taking My Life Back

I remember the first day I had an anxiety attack. I was 23, trying to finish college, and I just got word that graduating was going to be pushed back a bit. I was an education major and the state decided that they no longer wanted to offer what I was minoring in as a program of study. I was basically told that my last four years of work have been for nothing, and I would need to pick up a new area of study if I wanted to graduate. I went into full panic mode. I was already making plans to be done. I already had enough debt. I wasn’t mentally, emotionally, or physically able to handle another year. Even though this change wasn’t my fault, I still felt like a failure. I had to tell my family and friends that I wasn’t graduating on time. Eventually all of the worry, dread, and stress took over. I broke down on my then boyfriend’s living room floor. I couldn’t stop crying, I felt paralyzed, and no matter how many times he told me it was going to be okay, I couldn’t shut my brain off. I never had this feeling of complete loss of control before. Continue Reading